YE. – Summer Veil

One might feel as if the present is completely devoid of romanticism. This piece of music will take you back to one of the most fantasized about periods in western culture. It is a voyage to the starry-eyed post war era depicting the adventures of an endeavoring young gentleman and his escapades into a mirage of passionate tropical and Mediterranean fervor.

Cover artwork by Yowie Gorchev

Download on SoundCloud or direct.

1. Henry Mancini – Lujon
2. The John Barry Orchestra – From Russia with Love / Opening Titles
3. Sol Kaplan – Pussy Willow Club
4. Som Três – Margarida B
5. Dusty Springfield – The Look Of Love
6. Joe Pass – Simplicity
7. The John Barry Orchestra – The James Bond Theme
8. Diana Coupland – Under the Mango Tree
9. Mulatu Astatke – Asiyo Belema
10. The John Barry Orchestra – Dr. No’s Theme
11. Xavier Cugat – Siboney (Instrumental)
12. Perez Prado & His Orchestra – Patricia
13. Senor Coconut & His Orchestra – Simoon
14. George Gershwin – Summertime
15. Brigitte Bardot – Mister Sun
16. The Vast Majority – Oceans apart
17. Kiril Semov – Слънчев дъжд
18. Raymond Lefèvre – Gerber in Love
19. Criolo – Freguês da Meia Noite
20. Roberto Fonseca – El Mayor
21. Gaetano Donizetti / Enrico Caruso – Una furtiva lagrima
22. Pink Martini – Bolero
23. Lucas Santtana – Natureza Nº 1 em Mi Maior

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YE. live at Prince Charles, Feb ’13

A laid back live set recorded at the Momentum night in Prince Charles, Berlin in February 2013.

No tracklist available.

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ye. – Zone


“A guide leads two men through an area known as the Zone to find a room that grants wishes.”

I promised to make a mix for LDBK and it is finally ready. It took quite some time to make the research and track selection, as I had this concept and wanted to make it perfect. The idea is to create a mixtape revolving and complementing what is in my opinion one of the best movies ever made – Stalker. In order to achieve the desired effect and set the proper mood the mix employs intermissions from the movie’s dialog as well as some bizarre and unconventional music.

download the mix

Cover artwork by Yowie Gorchev -
With the invaluable help of Margarita Kudrina (editing / selection)


* Intro
1.  Fennesz – Aware (feat. Sakamoto)
2.  Vessel – 2 Moon Dub 3. Actress – Holy Water
* Intermission 1
4.  John Cage – Prelude for Meditation
5.  James Blake – Order
6. Mala – Mulata
* Intermission 2
7.  Andy Stott – Execution
8.  Burial – In McDonalds
* Intermission 3
9. Raime – Your Cast Will Tire
* Intermission 4
10. Andy Stott – Numb
* Intermission 5
11.  Flying Lotus – Clock Catcher (Harp Arrangement)
12.  Austin Cesear – Peralta Palace
13.  Burial – Forgive
* Intermission 6
14. Actress – Jardin
* Intermission 7
15.  Atoms for Peace – Default
16.  Indian Wells – Wimbledon 1980
17.  Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland – 5
* Intermission 8
18. Shackleton – Music for the Quiet Hour, Part Two
* Intermission 9
19.  Clarity – Fractured
20.  Monolake – Unstable Matter
* Intermission 10
21. Philip Glass – Mad Rush
* Outro



* Intro

-  Presumably a meteorite fell down here about twenty years ago. It had burned down the settlement. They searched for this meteorite, but never found it, of course.

-  Why “of course”?

-  Then people began disappearing here. They came here and never returned. So it was concluded… that this meteorite was not really a meteorite. At first… they circled the place with barbed wire to scare off the inquisitive. All this gave rise to rumours that there’s a place in the Zone… where wishes come true. Naturally, they began to guard the Zone like the apple of their eye. Who knows what kind of wish someone might cherish.

-  What was it if not a meteorite?

-  I told you, no one knows.

-  And what do you think?

-  Nothing. Or anything. A message to mankind, as one of my colleagues says. Or a gift.

-  Some gift.

-  Why on earth would they do it?

-  To make us happy. The flowers are blooming again, but they don’t smell for some reason.


* Intermission 1

- Here we are… home, at last. How quiet it is. This is the quietest place in the world. You’ll see for yourselves. So beautiful here. Not a single soul here.


* Intermission 2

- Well, it’s time.


* Intermission 3

- The Zone is a very complicated system… of traps, and they’re all deadly. I don’t know what’s going on here in the absence of people, but the moment someone shows up, everything comes into motion. Old traps disappear and new ones emerge. Safe spots become impassable. Now your path is easy, now it’s hopelessly involved. That’s the Zone. It may even seem capricious. But it is what we’ve made it with our condition. It happened that people had to stop halfway and go back. Some of them even died on the very threshold of the room. But everything that’s going on here depends not on the Zone, but on us! I think it lets those pass who… have lost all hope. Not good or bad, but wretched people. But even the most wretched will die if they don’t know how to behave. You have been lucky, it just warned you.


* Intermission 4

-  Did you hear it?

-  Maybe someone lives here?

-  Who?

-  You told me yourself about some tourists camped here when the Zone originated.

-  There’s no one in the Zone and there can’t be.


* Intermission 5

-  How are we going to return?

-  They don’t return here.


* Intermission 6

-  Oh, my God! And where are… Did they remain here like that? Those people?

-  Who knows. I remember them packing at the station, getting ready to come here. I was just a boy. They all thought then that somebody wanted to conquer us.


* Intermission 7

-  Don’t! Leave it alone! Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it, I said!

-  Are you crazy? What’s the matter with you?


* Intermission 8

- Let everything that’s been planned come true. Let them believe. And let them have a laugh at their passions. Because what they call passion actually is not some emotional energy, but just the friction between their souls and the outside world. And most important, let them believe in themselves, let them be helpless like children, because weakness is a great thing, and strength is nothing.


* Intermission 9

- Pull. The long one. No luck this time.


* Intermission 10

-  Coming true here is only what’s in line with your nature, with your essence, of which you know nothing. But it’s there, in you, directing you all your life. And things like conscience, anguish, they are just inventions.



-  Oh God, what people…Calling themselves intellectuals, those writers and scientists!

-  Don’t get so excited.

-  They don’t believe in anything! Calm down, it’s not their fault.

-  You ought to pity them, not to be angry with them.

-  Haven’t you seen them? They’ve got empty eyes. The only thing they can think about is how to sell themselves not too cheap! How to get as much as possible for their every emotional movement! They know they were “born for a purpose”, “called upon”! After all, they live “only once”! Can people like that believe in anything?

-  Stop it, calm down. Try to sleep, will you? Go to sleep.

-  And nobody believes. Not only those two. Nobody! Who am I going to take there? Oh, God… And what’s most awful… is that no one needs it. No one needs that room. And all my efforts are just in vain.

-  Why do you say that? Stop it.

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ye. live at Sameheads, Feb ’13

Live set recorded at Sameheads, Berlin in February 2013.

No tracklist available.

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ye. live at The Zone, Nov ’12

Live set recorded at The Zone, Berlin in November 2012.

No tracklist available.

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Trapped in VLKV

A set contributed to Sofia’s infamous’ club radio. Here’s what they said about it:

Roughly two years after the infamous yeahman, the man behind the Moonphases radio show, started playing @ vlkv and initiated devastating parties at the basement, he is finally being featured here with a perky mix showing he will never be able to escape in whole.


  1. Krampfhaft – Makin Magic
  2. A$AP Rocky – Pussy Money Weed
  3. Hydraulix – From The Bottom (Salva Remix)
  4. James Blake – Pan
  5. Branko- Going In Hard feat. Dominique Young Unique (French Fries Remix)
  6. Mojo Goro – 4am rollin
  7. Akkord – Back & Forth
  8. Magnum – Dense (French Fries Remix)
  9. TNGHT – Bugg’n
  10. RL Grime – Art Money
  11. TNGHT – Goooo
  12. Aquadrop – Back and Forth
  13. ELOQ – Navi Ravi
  14. Sinjin Hawke – Crystal Dust
  15. Darq E Freaker – Blueberry feat. Danny Brown (Pills & Cocaine)
  16. 813 – Plumbeous Bubbles
  17. DZA – Feel Sexual
  18. RL Grime – Trap On Acid
  19. M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Feat Missy Elliott And Rye Rye) (Switch Remix)
  20. TNGHT – Top Floor
  21. Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
  22. Mykki Blanco – Wavvy
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Moonphases #55 w/ Wankers United

May’s guestmix comes from avid French DJ & producer Wankers United who delves deep into electronic synth territory. With funky, cheeky beats on the forefront of his selection, some heavy French hip hop in the heart and extravagant retro-futuristic skweee in the backbone, the set is sure to raise an eyebrow or two!

My set takes you back to the 90s, heavily influenced by the garage scene and its recent revival, with a wink towards the deep house music. The selection revolves around my favourite tracks from the period, most of which were on heavy rotation in my livesets in the past few months, and aspire to arm you with plenty of positivistic vibes for the summer.

ye., download

1. Daniel Klauser – Simply Swag (Chaos in the CBD Remix)
2. Jodeci – Freek ‘n You (MK Dub)
3. Maya Jane Coles – Nobody Else (T. Williams Remix)
4. Black Orange Juice – Back of my Car
5. Krystal Klear – We’re Wrong
6. Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On (The Dub of Doom)
7. Genius – Waiting (Remix)
8. 10 Degrees Below – Fill The Vibe
9. Jimmy Edgar – U Need Love
10. Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Don’t Talk To Me Dub)
11. Morel’s Grooves pt. 4 – Let’s Groove
12. Ordinary People – Baby You Make My Heart Sing
13. D’bora – Going Round (MK’s Dub)
14. Scott Garcia ft. MC Styles – A London Thing (Waiting Dub Monsters)
15. X  Presidents – Diamond Rings
16. Hardrive – Deep Inside (Original Mix)


Wankers United, download

1. Cuverville – Silex Funk (Mazout)
2. Poborsk – Floatsk89 (unreleased)
3. Karl Marx Stadt – Pop musik im blut (Harmönia)
4. Grizzler – Low rent (Harmönia)
5. Wankers United – La moulette enchantée (Ramp Recordings)
6. V.C. – Skin n’Juice (Mazout)
7. Spartan Lover – Polka grease (Flogsta Danshall)
8. Lazercrotch – Mackin’ (Poisonous Gases)
9. Mesak – Klass 3 (Hamönia)
10. Mesak – Mekkala (Mazout)
11. Wankers United – Cosbor (unreleased)
12. 113 – Tonton du bled (Small)
13. Kodek – Tropicool dog freezer
14. Beatbully – Verk (Dodpop)
15. Beem – The Famous (Flogsta Danshall)
16. Ras G – Yea… (Pooh-Bah)
17. A tribe called quest – Against the world (Jive)
18. Randy Barracuda – Duck Butter (Flogsta Danshall)
19. Boyz of Caligula – Nazi tiger (Harmönia)
20. Eero Johannes – Leisi elli (Harmönia)
21. Limonious – Dutty Frutti (Flogsta Danshall)

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Moonphases #54 w/ Meerou

April’s Moonphases’ guestmix comes from Sofia’s Meerou. The mix tells the story of the sleazy affair involving raw and unpolished, nu-skool Chi town beats intertwined with some smooth, mellow, sax-jazzy sounds and their unorthodox relationship.

The sunny side of April inspired me to create a blend of vibrations that can only be described as pure synthetic funk, throwing in some disco, SKWEEE, experimental hip hop & reggae for a good measure, grasping for the summer!

ye., download

1. Major Lazer – Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)
2. Beaumont – Uptown
3. Pillowtalk – Weekend Girl (Original Mix)
4. Marcus Miller – Juice
5. Onra – After Hours (feat. T3)
6. 813 – Purpur Way
7. Beatbully – Kosmisk Regn
8. B.B. & Q. Band – Dreamer
9. Randy Barracuda – Overnight Romancin
10. Slugabed – Sex
11. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Original Mix)
12. Jimmy Edgar – Hot, Raw, Sex
13. Girl Unit – Ensemble (Club Mix)
14. Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer (Tensnake Remix)
15. Jam City – Scene Girl
16. Devonwho – Strangebrew (B Bravo Remix)
17. Arp 101 – U
18. Jam City – Club Thanz
19. Com Truise – Galactic Melt
20. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Angel Dust


Meerou, download

01. Visionist / Lorca – Hold Back (Valentin Stip Dream Away Mix)
02. Wheez-Ie – Leave Her Alone
03. Kill Frenzy – The Wind
04. DJ Spinn – Jazz 4 Ya Azz
05. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent
06. DJ Earl – Enlightenment
07. Dj Earl – Hit Da Bootz
08. Kill Frenzy – Hot & Sexy
09. Dj Clent – Ball Em Up
10. Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul
11. Dj Roc – Get Buck Juice
12. Dj Spinn – Crazy N Deranged
13. Kill Frenzy – Who Run It Remix
14. DJ Rashad – Freakin Me On The Flo
15. DJ Spinn – LOL
16. DJ RASHAD – From The Start
17. Machinedrum – What U Wanted 2 Feel

Bio (Message): My name is Miroslav and my DJ nick is Meerrou (basically my real name, but purposely misspelled). I just love bragging, but unfortunately there is nothing to brag about in musical terms. The only music initiative I am currently involved in, is Swine Riddim Nites, a free-of-charge events series founded by Stefak ( and me. With this event series we aim to help local kids hear new and upcoming musical styles, and also, to support different DJs and producers by letting them showcase their vision of music in a nightclub environment (VLKV Club).
Last October I promised ye. to make a mix for his Moonphases radio show. Ever since then he was periodically reminding me that I should keep to my promise. Six months later, in April 2012 there was literally no argument that I could use to prolong the promise further. So, I told him I was on it this time, however I left the whole task until the very end . As you could probably guess, the downside of doing such a lazy move is that you have to make a track-selection and record the mix in no time. Anyways, my quickie guest mix features Juke, Ghetto Tech and Ghetto House tracks. I kind of dig thеse styles because I think their “beauty” hides in their raw and unpolished sound. Hope that at least one person would like it. Shouts to VlkVankata, Milenkata, Isen$hala and Poisona.
Almost forgot, if you like my mix you can also check some of my other mixes at


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Moonphases #53 w/ Mojogoro

The March edition of Moonphases features the sounds of a promising young Bulgarian talent in the face of Mojogoro. With a breakcore/experimental phase behind him, he admits his music is getting more and more accessible to the audience. This can also be heard in his set, spanning several decades and genres of electronic music, starting from Kraftwerk, delving past a few of his own productions as Energetic Slash & Mojogoro, to reach a footwork-ish ending.

My set takes you on a journey back to NYC in the beginning of the ‘90s in search of the roots of house music. It features several tracks from the emblematic Burrell brothers’ label Nu Groove, some sounds from the much understated 707 drum machine, as well as several dusty gems I uncovered while gathering material for what turned out to be an unusually deep and elegant, yet somehow minimal and raw  sounding mixture compared to current trends in house music.

ye., download

1. Virgo Four – Sex
2. Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid
3. Metro – Angel of Mercy
4. Kerri Chandler – Back to the Raw (Ruff Mix)
5. Tech Trax Inc. – Tech Trax Inc. (Unxplanitory Mix)
6. N.Y. House’n Authority – Dyckman House
7. Mr Fingers – Mystery of Love (Dub Mix)
8. N.Y. House’n Authority – Fort Greene House
9. The House Master Boyz & The Rude Boys Of House – House Nation
10. House of Venus – Dish and tell (Bitch mix)
11. Mixmasters – In The Mix
12. Bas Noir – I’m Glad You Came to Me
13. Farley Jackmaster Funk – Farley Knows House
14. N.Y. House’n Authority – Ravenswood House
15. Life’s Track – Life’s Track 05
16. Mr Fingers – Finger Fuck (Original Mix)
17. Drexciya – Darthouven Fish Men
18. Krystal Klear – Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix)


Mojogoro, download

1. Mohave Triangles – Eternal Light
2. Futurisk – Lonely Streets (Complexxion Version)
3. Dez Dickerson – (I Need A) Modernaire Lover (Complexxion Version)
4. SS-Say – Care
5. Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute
6. Dopplereffekt – Sterilization
7. Mr. Oizo – Stade 2
8. Emika – Hit Me
9. Mojo Goro – Dont U 1a Ride
10. Jamie Lidell – When I Come Back Around
11. Ciara – That’s Right (Ft. Lil Jon)
12. Mojo Goro – Over The City (After The Day)
13. Energetic Slash – Synth City
14. Japanese Telecom – Cigarette Lighter
15. Arabian Prince/Nwa – Panic Zone
16. Sexual Harrasment – I Need A Freak
17. Energetic Slash – Hot Spots
18. Brenmar – Let Me Hit That
19. Yarlen Vs. Instra:Mental Vs Creepy Autograph – Vibe:Rater (Goroedits Mashup)
20. Miss Kittin & The Hacker – 1982
21. Tiga Ft. Zyntherius – Sunglasses At Night
22. Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond
23. Ausgang Verboten – Consumer
24. The Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party
25. Dee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
26. The Girls – Don’t Waste My Time
27. Drive Me Home – Fast Life (Ft. Oliver Daysoul)
28. Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
29. Nemesy – Arabian Sacrifice (Sacrifice Version)
30. Luke Eargoggle – Return Of My Style
31. Gosub – Satan
32. Para One & Teki Latex – Fifth Dimension
33. Distal – Boss Of The South
34. In Trance 95 – Oslo
35. Brainwave Mind Voyages – Mi- Miracles/Dna Activation & Transformation 528 Hz

Bio: My name is Gorazd. I started my career as DJ in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2006. My sets back then constituted entirely of my own music – breakcore and experimental. Time has passed and things changed as I was reborn musically several times, nowadays my sound is getting more and more accessible to the larger audience. My professional career also involved a lot of producing for other artists in all genres, as well as some personal projects inspired by the hip-hop beats. My musical influences from an infant age include wave, grunge, punk and rap, so at some point they always find their weird place in my music.

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Moonphases #52 w/ Clipper

Moonphases in February is comprised of two sets showcasing different styles illustrative to their eras.

Clipper has prepared a unique selection of music that was used by the Bulgarian national TV and radio (the only TV and radio stations at that time) during the communist times in the 70’s and 80’s. It includes music from emblematic programs and shows like “Dobro Utro“ (Good Morning), “Studio X”, “Vsyaka Nedelya” (Every Sunday) , “Atlas”, “Nedelya  150” (Sunday 150) and others. A mark of those times for everyone who lived in Bulgaria during the communist regime and was exposed to this spacey and hypnotic music, which sounded from every TV and radio set, in every household.

On the reverse we have sirens, wild piano riffs, super pitched vocals, multiple mentions of ecstasy/love, (I skipped on the whistles) which all point to a RAVE. Of course it’s not your regular jungle/rave set, but more like something I would be playing, was I born some 10-15 years ago. The selection comes primarily from ’91-’92, but also includes some heavily edited older jams, as well as some recent takes on the popular genre.

ye., download

1. LFO – LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)
2. Juno – Soul Thunder
3. Forgemasters – Track with No Name
4. Bug Kann and The Plastic Jam – Made in Two Minutes (Rave Mix)
5. Zomby – Ecstasy Versions
6. Jacques Renault – Searching For Some Real Love (Jacques Renault Edit)
7. Da Posse – It’s My Life (Aluh mix)
8. Masters at Work – Alright Alright
9. The Sound Vandals – Extasy, What is It (Rough Mix)
10. Zomby – Labyrinth
11. N-Joi – Phoenix
12. Neil Landstrumm – Night Train
13. Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Girl)
14. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Kicks Like a Mule)
15. TY – Heart is Breaking (Simbad VIP Remix)
16. Zomby – Sens
17. Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn
18. Sy-Kick – Nasty (Remix)
19. Nebula II – Seance
20. Lone – Crystal Caverns 1991
21. Xpansions – Move Your Body (Elevation) (Club Mix)
22. Bäs Noir – My Love is Magic (Edit)

Clipper, download

1. Pink Floyd – Time (Минута е много – БНТ)
2. Simo Lazarov – (Добро утро деца! – БНР )
3. Tangerine Dream – Tangram Set 1 (Атлас – БНТ)
4. Trevor Jones & David Bowie – Thirteen O’Clock (12+3 БНР)
5. Giorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream (БНТ)
6. Mc Lane Explosion – Black Deal (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
7. The Phantom of the Opera – Overture (Неделя 150 – БНР)
8. Stelvio Cipriani – La Polizia Sta A Guardare (Студио Х – БНТ)
9. Giorgio Moroder – Paul’s Theme (Неделя 150 – БНР)
10. Pond – Supernova (Плюс Минус – БНТ)
11. Discothèque – Disco Special (Спорт Тото – БНТ)
12. Piano Fantasia – Song For Denise (БНТ)
13. Dan Hartman – Vertigo (Предаване за хора с увреден слух – БНТ)
14. Van Maccoy- African Symphony (Атлас – БНТ)
15. Mc Lane Explosion – Pulstar (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
16. Space – Magic Fly (БНТ)
17. Hypnosis-Bormaz (Час по всичко – БНТ)
18. Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion (Добро утро – БНТ)
19. Koto – Visitors (БНТ)
20. Hypnosis-Argonauts (Час по всичко – БНТ)
21. Mike Oldfield – Guilty (ТВ Справочник – БНТ)
22. Neoton & Kócbabák – Hivlak (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
23. Lipps Inc. – Rock It (Всяка Неделя – БНТ)
24. По света и у нас – БНТ

Bio: Dj Clipper is coming from the eastern parts of Europe or more accurately – Sofia. Influenced by the 70’s and 80’s you can expect to hear an eclectic concoction of various styles, such as cosmic synth disco, italo fetish , hi nrg cocadisco, chicago new beat, eastern psychedelica or balearic slow-tempo progressive rock … you name it.
You can catch him playing in Sofia at places like Studio 414, Butchers, Vlaykova, Plan B and Culture Beat or somewhere at the Black sea cost during the summer time. If the wind is not blowing you towards the eastern parts of Europe and you might hear him at clubs like About Blank , Cookies , Kleine Reise.
Clipper is also part of the already emblematic Disco Comrades (together with Emil Doesn’t Drive and Niki Phoenix).

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Moonphases #51 w/ ye.

The first Moonphases in 2012 is influenced by Berlin and represents the town’s techno scene refracted through the prism of my perception of the city. It borrows heavy on the Berghain-esque style of techno music, while still retaining some UK-Bass essentials. To be enjoyed on Berlin-sized stacks of Funktion-One speakers!

ye., download

1. G.H. – Earth
2. Melon – Telephones
3. Azari & III – Reckless (with Your Love) (Tuff City Kids Remix)
4. Funkineven – Roland’s Jam
5. Sneaker – You Think You Think
6. Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness
7. Elektro Guzzi – Panier
8. A Made Up Sound – Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)
9. Gesloten Crikel – Yamagic
10. Mike Dehnert -  Bar2
11. Morphosis – Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 2)
12. DVS1 – Confused
13. Milton Bradley – Echoes From the Past
14. Objekt – CLK Recovery
15. SCB – Mace
16. DVS1 – Polyphonic Love
17. Echologist – Connect
18. Dro Carey – Movable Fortress
19. Instramental – User
20. Plastikman – Spastik
21. FaltyDL – Jack Your Job
22. Cosmin TRG – De Dans
23. Rod – Malmok One
24. WAX – 40004 A
25. Lucy – Bein
26. Flying Lotus – Robertaflack (Martyn’s Heart Beat Mix)

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ye. for Menta Session, January 2012

My set and interview for the outstanding Bulgarian music blog Menta Session – *the DEFINING blog* of every self respecting Bulgarian music nerd. UK Funky at it’s best!



01. Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay
02. Breach vs T Williams – 2 Bob Note
03. DVA – The Flute Tune
04. Random Impulse – Who’s That New Kid
05. Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand
06. Addison Groove – Fuk Tha 101
07. Machinedrum – Alarma
08. Dark Sky – Be Myself
09. Trevino – Shorty
10. Joy O – Sicko Cell
11. Boddika – Acid Battery
12. Instra:Mental – When I Dip
13. Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (Instra:Mental Remix)
14. Bok Bok – Silo Pass
15. Jam City – Magic Drops
16. Krampfhaft – Congo Blade Runner
17. Breton – RDI (Girl Unit Remix)
18. SBTRKT – Wildfire
19. Nino – Get on the Floor
20. Pixelord – Iron and Cream Part 2
21. Objekt – Cactus
22. Dark Sky – Speeding Blue
23. Look Like – Buggin (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
24. Dexter – Great Northern Diver
25. Scuba – M.A.R.S
26. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – Creeper
27. Velour – Booty Slammer
28. Jessie Ware & SBTRKT – Nervous
29. FaltyDL – Hip Love
30. Deadboy – Ain’t Gonna Lie
31. Clueless – Lady in Red
32. FaltyDL – My Friends Will Always Say
33. Martyn – Vancouver
34. Fantastic Mr. Fox – Over
35. Burial – Gutted
36. Balam Acab – See Birds (Moon)
37. Boxcutter – Sunshine V.I.P.

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Moonphases 4th Anniversary Birthday party at Club VLKV, 8 October 2011

Live recording of the sets performed by Dmitroff and me at the Moonphases 4th Anniversary Birthday party at Club VLKV, Sofia on the 8th of October 2011 with the help of two MCs – Dessy Messy & Riddimbox. A crazy night and an equally crazy recording!


No tracklist available.

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Moonphases #50 w/ Nick Nickolov

The 50th edition of Moonphases marks the end of the awesome 2011. The guestmix comes from a young Bulgarian DJ and producer Nick Nickolov. He made a name for himself on the tech house scene with solo productions, as well as part of the Surrealism duo.  His set brushes on the edges of both modern house and post dubstep and goes as far as IDM.
On the flipside my set, has a genuinely lo fi foundation, swelling into a climax of some classical house tunes before delving further deep…

ye., download

1. Mount Kimbie – Maybes (Live at Berghain)
2. Shlohmo – Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)
3. Mr. Scruff – Feel It!
4. Kevin McPhee – I Will
5. DJ Hell – The Angst (Deniz Kurtel & Wolf + Lamb Remix)
6. Ben Butler & Mousepad – Future Tent (Thunderous Mountain Remix)
7. ANGO – All That You Can Stand (Original Mix)
8. Mark E – Belvide Beat
9. Storm Queen – It Goes On (Vox)
10. Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)
11. Renaissance Man – Trance Central
12. New York Transit Authority – Off The Traxx
13. Doubleheart – Ache
14. Photek – Mine to Give
15. Maceo Plex – Can’t Leave You
16. Gingy & Bordello – Body Acid (KiNK’s in Deep Remix)
17. Eats Everything – Whatever Whatever (Original Mix)
18. Pixelord – Love Is (Coco Bryce Rave to the Slythm Mix)
19. Rudi Zygadlo – The Deaf School
20. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
21. Soul Clap – Lonely C (feat. Charles Levine)
22. Dro Carey – Journey with the Heavy
23. T.Williams – Heartbeat ft. Terri Walker (Mosca remix)
24. Scratcha DVA – Madness feat. Vikter Duplaix


Nick Nickolov, download

1. Alex Smith – Sign & Drive / Here With Me feat. Diviniti
2. Nebraska – Time Has Come Part 1
3. Baeka – Right At It
4. Julio Bashmore – Around
5. Vinil Trankilo – Bill Collector
6. Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke – Ego
7. Wah Chu Ku – Flowin’
8. Shadower – Throwing Snow
9. Photek – Closer
10. Floating Point – K&G Beat
11. Luv 003 – Luv 003
12. Clams Casino – Illest Alive


Bio: You wouldn’t guess Nick’s age if you only know him by his musical achievements.  Working on solo production aswell as producing under the Surrealism moniker, he’s tunes are heavily played by house and techno DJs varying from Josh Wink to Bulgaria’s own Kink.
DJing for Sofia’s most exciting promoter Elevate, you’d see him rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nick Curly and Adam Port.

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Moonphases #48, The 4th Anniversary SKWEEE Exclusive

It’s been four remarkably fun years doing the Moonphases show. To properly commemorate the special occasion we have five of the grandfathers of SKWEEE on the show, creating an intricately mesmerizing individuality for this anniversary’s episode. The sets by Melkeveien, Sprutbass, Daniel Savio, Mesak, Beatbully & me are now available for download and stream!

ye., download

1. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
2. Randy Barracuda – Hungry for Another Touch
3. Com Truise – VHS Sex
4. Beatbully – Robot i Tromma
5. Melkeveien vs. Niño – Tirsdag
6. Sprutbass – Romatropo (Ben Butler & Mousepad Mix)
7. Beatbully – Slepenmaskinfonk
8. Limonious – Swedish Pommak
9. Rabbi Bananas – Cat Eat
10. Супералиса – Ди Джей
11. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message
12. Backwards Compatible – Vice
13. The The – Giant
14. Daniel Savio – Big Wiener
15. Snap – Rhythm is a Dancer (Mux Mool Edit)
17. Daniel Savio – Nightmare-Food
18. Easy & Center of the Universe – Halloumi
19. Rigas Den Andre – Rather be Dead
20. Mrs Qeada – Babi
21. Sprutbass – Skitur
22. Herbie Hancock – Rockit
23. Section 25 – Looking from a Hilltop (Megamix)
24. Kraftwerk – Numbers
25. Kuedo – Vectoral
26. Melkeveien vs. Niño – Yo!
27. S-Type – Bairns
28. Hudson Mohawke – Thank You
29. B. Bravo – Computa Love


Melkeveien, download

1. Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl
2. Om Unit – Cold World
3. Stiletti-Ana – Lipi Lipi
4. Jonwayne – Escape
5. Yöt – Chosen Once
6. Groundislava – Animal
7. Beaumont – Aventurescene
8. Com Truise – Air Cal
9. Ford & Lopatin – Break Inside





Mesak, download

No tracklist available.









Daniel Savio, download

No tracklist available.









Beatbully, download

1. Ishiwatari Junji / Sunahara Yoshinori / Yakushimaru Etsuko – Kami-sama no Iu Toori
2. Quadron – Come You Cab Go
3. Eric Lau – For the D (Harmonic 313 Remix)
4. Spoek Mathambo – Mshini Wam
5. Niño & Coco Bryce – Metropolis (Krsur Remix)
6. Drums – Giants
7. Beatbully – Bølleboogie
8. Daniel Savio – Pearly Gates
9. Mother North – Scanners
9. DMX Krew – AM Adventure




Sprutbass, download

1. Mrs Qaeda – Sex Continuum
2. Weather Report – River People (Live)
3. Mother North – Æ
4. Man Parrish – Techno Trax
5. Sprutbass – Odd War Breaux
6. Slugabed – Nu Krak Swing
7. Dam-Funk – Hood Pass Intact
8. Kraftwerk -  Kometenmelodie 2
9. Rigas – Simple (Melkeveien Remix)





What is SKWEEE?

Skweee has originated in the Nordic countries and was created by Harmönia Finland and Flogsta Danshall Sweden. The music is often referred to styles like wonky, electro funk, 8-bit, instrumental hip-hop and dubstep but has certainly its own demented twist. More general info about the movement:,

There was a documentary film about the skweee movement released in 2009. “We call it Skweee” has been screened in more than 30 film festivals and parties around the world. Info and availability of the film can be checked here:



Kristian Møller Johansen (1982) is a Norwegian producer and artist. He is known for running the label Dødpop Records with Robert Lorenzo and Bård Harazi Farbu since summer 2008. Working with electronic music for 12 years, in and out of many different projects, he is now focusing on releasing his debut album under the alias of Melkeveien.




Daniel Savio

With two critically acclaimed solo albums behind him, Daniel Savio has grown a reputation as perhaps the finest, most mind boggling electronic beatmaker to come out of Scandinavia. Widely regarded as the inventor of skweee music (as in “squeezing” as much as possible from lo-fi instruments), Daniel’s music continues to find paths beyond the audibly possible. This has taken Daniel to numerous clubs and electronic music festivals worldwide while also being featured on XLR8R TV. His awards history includes the club/dance Grammy award as a member of Hundarna Från Söder in 2003. His solo production and studio work include collaborations with artists from Rye Rye, to contributing studio work to Britney Spears second album (called in to assist Max Martin with turntablist work on the pop icon’s second album).

In addition to live shows of his own material, Daniel’s discoid DJ sets come as a veritable showcase of unheard of private pressings from long forgotten Swedish synth demo bands. In its many forms, Daniel Savio’s DJing has been featured on the world famous Beats In Space radio show, as well as on the legendary mix CD “Disco Opera”.



BEATBULLY raises havoc on the dance-floor with his mpc and his delightful funky beats. He is on of the co-founders of the Norwegian skweee-label Dødpop and as a veteran beat-maker he has conceived his own unique sound: Minimal, yet funky, heavy, but catchy beats – all with roots deeply planted in hip-hop and r‘n‘b. Label-mate MELKEVEIEN often describes Beatbully‘s music as a bouquet of flowers flowing against you – strong colours like turquoise, pink, green hitting you hard.

Beatbully‘s début album “Kosmisk Regn LP” came out on Dødpop in march this year and became quite the favourite among music-critics and beat-heads.

“Bølleboogie has an irresistible beat that leaves no one behind on the dance-floor, and the juicy melody won’t release you till it’s over. It’s a three-minute piece of bliss that will make even your grandmother dance” – The Guardian Music Blog

“The song’s undercurrent of fat, bloated synths is barely a match for the plethora of spry and dazzling synth melodies that crackle in and out, yet lackadaisical kick-drums and hand-claps stickily hold it all together.”

“Beatbully proves that he also excels at the pensive, sunshine side of the synthesizer, offering more than just fluorescent clad 8 bit drum structures. Layering his tracks with relatively simple melodies he creates an electronic haze worthy of lengthier lament.” – Sonic Router

“If you just thought Skweee was a little bit daft, check out Beatbully and you might be pleasantly surprised. Recommended!” – Boomkat



Mesak (Tatu Metsätahti) is best known for his electronic dance music works on Harmönia and Klakson labels. He has also solid background in music production with his legendary Finnish electro group Mr Velcro Fastener plus some other other bands such as Star You Star Me, Gadgets, Cae$ar.

At the moment Mesak is working and living in Berlin, Germany. He’s currently writing more solo material and two albums in collaboration with other artists.

Mesak (Mr Velcro Fastener) and Randy Barracuda (Imatran Voima) direct the HARMÖNIA RECORD LABEL which has released critically acclaimed and highly successful compilations, albums and singles. The pioneering skweee label of Finland, is globally praised for its unique and heavy-hitting funky sounds. Despite the small pressings and strictly underground nature of the label, Harmönia releases have been supported by innovative djs and musicians such as Don Letts, Hudson Mohawke, Kode9, Modeselektor and Thom Yorke among others.

So far the label’s artists have been spreading the gospel of fresh synthetic funk to more than dozen countries. Alongside hundreds of club gigs in Europe and US, they’ve skweeezed the shit out of audience at all the major electronic music festivals, such as Bloc Weekend, Flow Festival Helsinki, Nu Music Festival and Sónar Festival.

You can find more about Harmönia label at:



“…The best synth- work since the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack! …” Straight out of the fresh, new scandinavian skweee-scene comes Sprutbass. Behind the artist Sprutbass, you find the Norwegian musician Eivind Henjum. After many years active as a musician, playing the electric bass and synth in several Norwegian acts, Henjum decided he had to fulfill his innermost musical dreams. Growing up with the best from both the seventies and the eighties, this meant funky old school beats, heavy synthbass (the Sprutbass…) and odd, soothing, spaced out synthleads; the little bastard space-child of Bootsy Collins, Jan Hammer, New Order, Man Parrish and Kraftwerk was finally born.

Sprutbass first got attention on the skweee-scene with the hard hitting single “Ulykke” (dødpop 02, 2008) and has never looked back since, releasing mainly on dødpop, but also contributes on compilations from well renowned labels like the finish Harmönia and spanish LoFi-Funk label as well as the club-favorite remix of Jaga Jazzist One-Armed Bandit, released on Ninja Tunes 2010. Sprutbass has done extensive touring all over Europe the last years as a proud swordsman representing the Norwegian skweee- movement, hammering his old synths and samplers – filling floors at clubs in Brighton, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Oslo.


Skweee from the land of the thousand burning churches.

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Moonphases #49 w/ Brezo

This November’s show features Reykjavík’s resident Brezo who captures autumn’s spirit in a dense yet salubrious mixture of Icelandic sounds, inspired by the likes of Autechre, the Artificial Intelligence compilations, Warp records and his early year’s experiences of mixing with tapes.

My set is a slow motion, elegant mixture of sexy disco infused tracks which gradually lead you on a voyage through the avant-garde of unconventional house music.

1. Move D – Untitled 3
2. Andy Stott – We Stay Together (Part One)
3. Iron Curtis – You (Original Mix)
4. Benoit & Sergio – Around The World Cover
5. Nicolas Jaar – Materials (Nico’s Bluewave Edit)
6. Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Club Mix)
7. Hackman – Satisfy
8. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Bloodlands
9. Count Jackula – Slowburner
10. 1000names – Planet Video
11. Jan Driver – Golden Super
12. Creep – Days (Soul Clap Remix)
13. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Basement L.O.V.E.
14. Kassem Mosse – GSO2
15. Aquarius Heaven – Can’t Buy Love
16. High Places – Dry Lake (Urulu’s Backroom Edit)
17. Chuck Norris – All That She Wants
18. Tricky – Time To Dance (Original Version)
19. Cut Copy – Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution (Henning Furst Remix)
20. MANIK NYC – Nightfall
21. Waifs & Strays – Faith (Remix)
22. Johnwaynes – Funky Sensation
23. Tanner Ross & Soul Clap – M.E.S. (Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi Freestyle Mix)
24. Maya Jane Coles – Senseless
25. FaltyDL – Voyager
26. Poolside – Do You Believe (Original Mix)
27. Junior Boys – A Truly Happy Ending

1. Sepalcure – Me
2. Akira Kiteshi – Givin’ It Up
3. Braille – Riverbed
4. George Fitzgerald – Fernweh
5. BNJMN – Keep The Power Out
6. Joe Goddard – Gabriel feat. Valentina (Seiji remix)
7. SCB – Mace
8. Scuba – Adrenalin
9. Martyn – Ghost People
10. Sepalcure – Breezin
11. Akira Kiteshi – Transmission
12. Hatti Vatti – Piranha’s Melody



Bio: Brezo is Born in Ruse, Bulgaria. Lives in Reykjavik for the past 10 years. Started dj-ing with tapes in the mid 90s. Major early influences: Autechre, Artificial Intelligence compilations, Warp records, and early jungle and drum and bass. Co-foundeer of Dubstep Re:Formations podcast series, available on mixcloud.

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Moonphases #47 w/ Riddimbox

The September 2011 edition of your favorite radio show with a guestmix by the young and talented Bulgarian DJ and beatbox artist Riddimbox. A set which represents his vision of the state on the UK Bass scene at the time, as influenced by Riddimbox’s Hip Hop and RnB background.

YE.’s mix showcases the best tracks of the ’11 summer and is complete mash of genres, beginning with a sci-fi disco jam, through post dubstep, house, deep techno, a pinch of classical uk garage sound and some RnB to boot.

1. Scuba – Everywhere
2. Jacques Greene – I Like You
3. Martyn – Masks
4. Distal – French Science
5. Raffertie – Twitch (It Grows & Grows)
6. Machinedrum – I’m a Brat
7. Roska – Leapfrog
8. LV – Talk Talk
9. Robert Owens – One Body (No Regular Play Interpretation)
10. Skudge – Ontic (Rolando Understands Remix)
11. Darling Farah – Younger
12. Hackman – Close
13. Walton – Mangled Riddim
14. Ossie – Set the Tone
15. Mosca – Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Remix)
16. Indo – R U Sleeping (Bump + Flex Vocal)
17. Objekt – Unglued
18. Tobias. – Skippy
19. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)
20. Disclosure – I Love…That You Know
21. The Weeknd – What You Need

01. Jazzanova – Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) (Bugz In The Attic Remix)
02. Ghostpoet – Liiines (xxxy Remix)
03. Funkbias – Last Forever
04. Jam City – Barely a Trak
05. Instra:mental – Pyramid
06. L-Vis 1990 – Lost In Love Feat. Javeon McCarthy (Night Slugs Allstars Street Mix)
07. Maurice Donovan – Babeh
08. Ike Release – Outrun
09. Sepalcure – Every Day Of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
10. Boddika – Rubba
11. Scuba – Never
12. Spark – Revolving (Ramadanman Remix)
13. Delta Delta – Sportex
14. Myrryrs – Feel U
15. Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)
16. Jacques Greene – The Look (Koreless Remix)
17. Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

Bio: Riddimbox is a free-minded music lover, beatboxer and DJ from Bulgaria. Largely influenced by Hip Hop and RnB, he discovered the UK club scene back in 2005 and has been exploring the diverse and constantly evolving world of bass music ever since.

Apart from becoming a national beatbox vice champion in 2009 and participating in this year’s edition of Mellow Music Festival – the only major local annual event dedicated to future-thinking electronic music, Riddimbox has his own weekly radio show hosted under the It’s Personal moniker, where he represents a deeper, alternative view on contemporary club music. Years of life between the town of Sliven and the Southern coast of the Black Sea have resulted in a unique warm vibe that is characteristic of Riddimbox’s DJ Sets. They often mesmerize the listener with dazzling selection and seamless transition between tempos and genres ranging from smooth Pop & RnB to top-notch electronica.

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Moonphases #46 w/ Koka MassJazz

The August edition of the show comes from one half of Bluba Lu – one of the most innovative and prolific Bulgarian music formations – Koka MassJazz. The set takes you on an exciting & thrilling, two hour journey from the concealed realms of acid jazz through Latin house’s sun-drenched vibrations, to an intricately unique finale in the cozy domain of chilly lounge music. A mindboggling summer treat, to be enjoyed with lots of ice!

Koka MassJazz

1. Sofi Hellborg feat. Tony Allen – Wouldn’t That Be Fun (Jens Loden Remix)
2. Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi – Theme Of Solitary Notes (hopping notes)
3. Koka MassJazz – Roll (unreleased)
4. Lanu – Beachcomber
5. Lanu – Beijo Do Sol
6. Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi – Oriental Smile (a way of life mix)
7. TM Juke and Jack Beker Trio – That Gut Feeling feat. Andreya Triana
8. TM Juke and Jack Beker Trio – Party Favours feat. Gecko Turner
9. TM Juke and Jack Beker Trio – Omak Besar (Big Waves)
10. Watch TV and The Primetimes – Disco Lexia
11. Unity feat. Lizzy Parks – Don’t Wanna Change (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
12. Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi – Please Don’t Leave (funk wave)
13. Kylie Auldist – One Goodbye (Hint Remix)
14. Lanu – Don’t Sleep Pts…
15. Flevans – Hold No Water (Azaxx Remix)
16. Hint – One Woman Army feat. Laura Vane
17. Hint – Pretty Stable
18. Maddslinky – Special feat. Omar (At Jazz Remix)
19. Joseph Malik – Futuristica (Grant Unify Vox Remix)
20. Natural Self – All Static (Natural self Remix)
21. The Bamboos – Keep Me In Mind (Randomer Remix)
22. Lizzy Parks – Raise The Roof (Lanu Remix)
23. Fertile Ground – Another Day (Povo Jazz Rework)
24. Rasmus Faber feat. Melo – Get Over Here
25. 12th Floor – Salsa 313
26. A Bossa Eletrica – Skindo LeLe (Sumo Rebounce)
27. Stockholm Cycle – Late Night Junction
28. Beatfanatic – Jogando Capoeira
29. A Bossa Eletrica – Tombo In 7.4
30. Freddie Cruger feat. Desmond Foster – Baddest Mutha
31. Beatfanatic – Raw
32. Eerik and Arvid – Shimmer
33. Bobby Hughes Combination – Goi
34. 12th Floor – Get Down
35. Espen horne – Colour Away
36. Magnus Lindgren – Djungledance
37. BlubaLu – Vienna
38. Azaxx – The Cyber Convicts

Bio: Konstantin Kacarski is the person hiding behind the pseudonym Koka MassJazz, as well as one of the two founders of the innovative Bulgarian formation BlubaLu (

They have released 7 albums to date: Bluba Lu In Wonderland (2001), MOOGaMOOD (2002), Re:Verb (2004), Room Doom (2005), World Melancholy (2007), Groove Euroope (2008) и Quadrotopia (2010). They have released on several English labels (Good Looking Records), Germany (Sighn Suprime), Austria (Ordis), Poland (Ram 6).

BlubaLu are regarded as the main people behind the new sound of Bulgarian music scene.

Koka MassJazz is created in 2010 as a solo project of Konstantin Kacarski, who started work on the conceptual jewel Quadrotopia – Quadrotopia Remixed, which was nominated as tehe Bulgarian entry for Grammy for best electronic project.

In collaboration with the cult music shop Duikan Meloman ( they created the monthly White Label Session, which showcases new albums, artists and labels.

In the beginning of 2010 BlubaLu recorded an album featuring Eddie Stevens of Moloko, which will be released in the end of 2011.

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Moonphases #45 w/ Blacktee

This month’s (July) edition of Moonphases comes with an awesome mix by the very talented Romanian DJ & producer Blacktee. My set is a summery-old-school-house-garage mix, perfect for those long days at the seaside.

1. FaltyDL – Make it Difficult
2. Lone – Raptured
3. Untold – Cool Story Bro
4. Photek – Rings Around Saturn (Breach Remix)
5. Joe – Twice
6. Jacques Greene – What are You Feelin
7. Deadboy – Wish U Were Here
8. Tensnake – Something About You (Original Mix)
9. Hercules & Love Affair – My House (Tensnake Remix)
10. LV – Primary Colours
11. Jon Convex – Falling Again
12. Ossie – The Power of Love
13. Julio Bashmore – Battle for Middle You
14. Classixx ft. Karl Dixson – Into the Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)
15. Damu – Mermaid
16. FaltyDL – Hip Love (Jamie XX Remix)
17. Florence And The Machine – You Got the Love (The XX Remix)

1. Kevin McPhee – Get in With You (LV Remix)
2. Lando Kal – Further
3. Joy Orbison & Kavsrave – Untitled
4. Pearson Sound – So Far Ago
5. Kontext – Hometown Swamp
6. Jamie Grind – Footwork
7. Max Romeo – Protest to the M1 (Pacheko Remix)
8. Silkie – Quasar
9. Addison Groove – It’s Got Me
10. Pinch & Roska – Paranormal Activity
11. Africa Hitech – Light the Way
12. Pariah – C-Beams
13. Bibio – Artists’ Valley
14. Bok Bok – Dance Report
15. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts # 4
16. Sigha – Shake
17. Roman Flugel – Bahia Blues Bootcamp
18. Jimmy Edgar – New Touch (Jacques Greene Remix)
19. Julio Bashmore – Ribble to Amazon
20. Midland – Through Motion
21. Deadboy – Wish You Were Here
22. Spectr – Dance 4 me
23. Jamie xx – Far nearer
24. Blacktee – Swettin’
25. Lil Silva feat. Sampha – On Your Own
26. Blacktee – Plasmid

BlackteeBio: Born in a small town near Bucharest and moved to the capital out of academic purposes, Blacktee is part of the new wave of young producers that have already got a lot going for them. He started producing in 2008 being heavily influenced by the UK Funky sound and soon the number of listens on Soundcloud gone up and interest started building up.

2011 has been a massive milestone for the Romanian producer/architect in training with two releases under his belt already. One on the Irish imprint Hsuan Records sold exclusively through Boomkat and the other on London based No Stranger To Danger, the latter bringing him some well deserved exposure on the world famous XLR8R magazine. Clocking appearances on music blogs from Stomp Mag, Ukfunky. Net and the Romanian Electrocutare blog he’s also been recording mixes for Heineken Electrolab and Can Of Thought.

His tunes have been popping up on Heavyfeet’s Unity Radio show and Guy Andrews’ mix for Getme among others.

It will come to no surprise to anyone if Blacktee will soon become one of Romania’s household names in terms of experimental bass music and achieve the worldwide notoriety he so greatly deserves.


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ye. on the FLB Show, 26 June 2011

A dark techno set for the 10th year anniversary show on Frisky.


1. Scuba – Feel It
2. Jon Convex – Convexations
3. Sinden vs SBTRKT – Seekwal
4. Resoe – Redlightsareflashin
5. WAX – 40004 B
6. Marcelus – Sulfuric
7. Africa HiTech – Future Moves
8. Tr_nch and Iori – Barreleye
9. Joy O – Jels
10. Mike Dehnert – Moment
11. Clement Meyer – Unconditional Unknown
12. Instra:Mental – Voyeur
13. Tiga – Gentle Giant (Martyn’s Heaven Remix)
14. Martyn feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Mix)
15. Egyptrixx – Liberation Front
16. Len Faki – Kraft und Licht

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Moonphases #44 w/ Angelo Draetta

June edition of Moonphases: my set is an amazingly stormy & wild dubstep / uk funky fusion, the guest mix is by the young Italian producer Angelo Draetta, showcasing his new release on the only Bulgarian vinyl label Render Obedience.

1. Jamie XX – Far Nearer
2. Style of Eye – Wet (Darling Farah Remix)
3. Baobinga & Hyetal – Trouble
4. A1 Bassline – Falsehood (Original Mix)
5. Blawan – Getting Me Down
6. Stagga – Prehistoric UFO Rhythm
7. LV – I Know
8. Pearson Sound – Stifle
9. Billy Dalessandro – In the Red
10. Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling
11. Shy One – Untitled 9
12. Roska – Squark
13. Distal & HxdB – Typewriter Tune (VIP)
14. Funkystepz – Hurricane Riddim
15. Deadboy – Here 4 U
16. Youandewan – Zeal
17. Bass Clef – Rollercoasters of the Heart
18. Joe – Level Crossing
19. Lil Silva – Pulse vs Flex
20. Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come
21. Sinden vs SBTRKT – Grazed
22. Dexter – Fat Skinny People
23. J-Sweet & Alias – Spartan Rmx
24. Rustie – Hyperthrust
25. Africa HiTech – Glangslap
26. Girl Unit – Wut
27. D1 – Sub Zero
28. Royal-T – Orangeade
29. Ramadanman – Don’t Change for Me
30. Skream – Hats Off

01. Giulio Astin
02. Athletic Duo & Doslive – C.D.C. (Original Mix)
03. Manon – Que Cars E Essa (tINI Cusco Sour Remix)
04. H.O.S.H. – Dead and Alive (Agogo Dub Mix)
05. Kevin Knapp – Like This (Sean Miller Remix)
06. Leif – So Long feat. Donna Lee
07. Sven Tasnadi – Easy Peacy
08. Martinez – Basic Structure (Squilllace Remix)
09. Roberto Capuano – Sweet Love (T. Ruggieri Remix)
10. Maiki & Angelo Draetta – She is Sick (Original Mix)
11. Rennie Foster feat. Moka Only – Connect Like Four (Samuel L Session Remix)
12. Jay Tripwire – Do Me This Way (Dead Echo Remix)



Bio: There is no other justification for the growing success of this young talent the contemporary music scene. Angelo Draetta, 16, did his best weapon of constancy imposing its name as a tangible reality for everyone. A story began to play, just 12 years, which led to the first publications in a number aka; was just the beginning of his adventure: the time to get back and tossed with angel himself completely in the discography, finally signed the his work under his own name and in a few months signing contracts with several good prestige label. Angelo is proof that the work, passion and meritocracy in music are rewarded over time. What Draetta Angel is a book that is written day after day, page after page, where new sounds, emotions and experiences waiting to be experienced at the time of his music.

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Moonphases #43 w/ Great2MeetU!

Moonphases in May with a guestmix by Great2MeetU! A crazy set which cannot be characterized and simply has to be heard and an even weirder mix by me, uptempo footwork rousing beats!

1. Chrissy Murderbot – Break U Off
2. DJ Rashad – Freakin me on the Flo
3. DJ Roc – Break it Down
4. Terror Danjah – Minimal Dub
5. Addison Groove – It’s Got Me
6. DJ Trouble – Bangs and Works
7. Distal – We are VCR
8. Traxman – Compute Funk
9. DJ Rashad – Who Da Coldest
10. DJ Diamond – Freakazoid
11. Julio Bashmore – Craboon (Original Mix)
12. Chrissy Murderbot – Bussin Down feat. DJ Spinn
13. DJ Spinn – LOL
14. DJ Roc – I can’t Control the Feeling
15. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Daydreamin (Juktronik)
16. Chrissy Murderbot – Braaain
17. DJ Nate – He ain’t bout it
18. Pariah – Detroit Falls
19. Traxman – The Comeback
20. Africa HiTech – Foot Step
21. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Space Juke
22. DJ Hilti – I get High

1. María y José – Mi Chulita
2. Kaoma – Lambada
3. Modeselektor – Monkey Flip
4. Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp
5. Billion Dollar Dj’s – Baby I’m Bored
6. MSTRKRFT – Easy Love
7. Breakbot – Shades Of Black
8. Gong – Dance With The Pixies
9. Little Barrie – Surf Hell
10. Metronomy – The Bay (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
11. Solila – Debauche
12. Spektrum – Kinda New
13. Mitzi – India (Joakim Remix)
14. Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You
15. Maetrik – Crush On Me
16. Young Montana? – Sacre Cool
17. Tad Wily – Tape Love
18. SBTRKT feat.Yukimi Nagano – Wildfire

Bio: A year ago two friends – Dessy Messy & Vityaz – sharing a common/uncommon mind have gathered togeteher to form the duo Great2MeetU! They are connected not only by the great power of music, but also by bonding together flashing neon meadows and wild horses. They express their weird sounding selfs with no limitations nor regrets for the consequences.

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Culture Beat live, 16 December 2010

The first part of a chilly (somewhat classical) disco set I spinned on EDNO magazine’s Christmas party.


1. Dolly Parton – Potential New Boyfriend (Dr. Dunks Edit)
2. Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules Theme
3. 6th Borough Project – Closer
4. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up
5. Kathy Diamond – All Woman
6. Erobique – Endorphinmachine
7. New Mjondalen Disco Swingers – Eurodans
8. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Dear African Sky (Henrik Schwarz Remix Unreleased Live Version)
9. Babla & His Orchestra – Soniye Tera Chahe Jo Bhi Hona
10. Babla & His Orchestra – Aye Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal
11. Gichy Dan’s Beachwood No. 9 – On A Day Like Today (Todd Terje ‘Friendly Children’ Edit)
12. KZA – Unfaithful (Fernando Remix Version 1)
13. Aeroplane – Whispers (Original Mix)
14. Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Hercules Club Mix)
15. Rick Wilhite – Dreams Of Yesterday (Rick Will Never Forget Mix)

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Moonphases #42 w/ ye.

The April edition of Moonphases featuring 80s inspired electronica, bouncing off of skweee as well as disco while building it’s way to a dreamy end.

1. Com Truise – Sundriped
2. Stopmakingme – Tempo
3. Dam Funk – Come On Outside (Devonwho Instrumental Re-Edit)
4. Boxcutter – TV Troubles
5. Ilija Rudman – Inspectors Drive
6. Onra – The One feat. T3 from Slum Village
7. Beatconductor – Only A Thrill
8. Moonoton feat. Olga Ponomaryova – I Need You Tonight
9. Onra – Sitting Back
10. Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms
11. Tropics – Give It Up
12. Todd Terje – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
13. Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Marcus Marr Remix)
14. Duffstep – Close (Yam Who Remix)
15. Wolfram feat. Hercules & Love Affair – Fireworks (12″ Version)
16. Tad Wily – Tape Love (Original Mix)
17. Kool Dj Dust – Back To The Future
18. Jimmy Edgar – New Touch
19. Space Dimension Controller – SH-8040
20. Hrdvsion – Claustraneonia
21. Actress – Purrple Splazsh
22. Gang Gang Dance – Romance Layers
23. The Cure – Lullaby

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Moonphases #41 w/ Gravious

The sets, 8 March 2011


1. Wolfgang Voigt – Geduld (Original Mix)
2. Brandt Brauer Frick – Corky
3. Brandt Brauer Frick – Mi Corazon
4. Appleblim and Ramadanman – Void 23
5. Jonas Kopp – Ruda
6. Soundstream – Wenn Meine Mutti Wusste
7. Ben Klock – Bear
8. Floating Points – Shark Chase
9. Commix – Change (A Made Up Sound Remix)
10. Cosmin TRG – Izolat
11. Marcelus – Friction
12. Brandt Brauer Frick – Bop



1. Tru:Tek – Crossrhodes (Lo Dubs)
2. Production Unit – Lord Save Uss
3. DFRNT – All Changes
4. Gravious – Lunar Module (Saigon Recordings)
5. Ramadanman – Tempest (Hemlock)
6. Cosmin TRG – Strobe Lick (Tempa)
7. Distance – Dark Crystal (Boka)
8. Sub Swara – Vagabond Knowledge (Low Motion Records)
9. Mala – City Cycle (Tectonic)
10. Shureshotz – Highscraper (Barish Records)
11. Gravious – Rift Zone
12. Geiom – Luso Slate
13. Incyde – Stares
14. Distal & HxdB – Typewriter VIP (surefire)
15. Addison Groove – Dumb Shit (Swamp 81)
16. Kuma – Luminescent (Sharmaji RMX)
17. J. Sparrow feat. Ruckspin – Dread (Tectonic)
18. Gravious – Future Blues(Davey Jones)
19. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor Rmx) (Tempa)


Bio: Gravious, aka Ali Jackson, is a dubstep and electronic music producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He started producing around 2001, inspired by the likes of Future Sound of London, Boards of Canada, LTJ Bukem and Aphex Twin. But it was only 2004 that he heard the first early dubstep, and found the sound he was looking for. His first single (Wormsign/Monlith) came out on the legendary Hot Flush label in 2006, and was followed up by several other vinyl releases on the label.

Over the next few years he had releases and remixes on several other labels, and took his live performances across Europe and Australia. Venues shaken by Gravious bass include a Hungarian TV tower, an Australian Tree House, Brussels Botanical Gardens, and the deep end of swimming pool in Den Haag!

In 2011, Gravious already has two 12″ releases under his belt, with the 3 track ‘Junction City EP’ on Saigon Recordings in January, and “Future Blues” on the brand new Davey Jones label in the following month.

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Moonphases #40 w/ ye.

8 February 2011, a retro inspired, 90′s sounding, house set with a few surprising twists!


1. Maya Jane Coles – Nobody Else
2. Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake remix)
3. Subban – No More feat LOiS (Original Mix)
4. Hackman – Made Up My Mind
5. Hercules and Love Affair – My House
6. Azari & III – Indigo Dub
7. Arto Mwambe – Home Strainer
8. Oni Ayhun – OAR004-A
9. Arto Mwambe – One Lonely Knight (Extended Live Mix)
10. Steffi – Yours feat. Virginia
11. Maceo Plex – You & Me (Original Mix)
12. Deniz Kurtel – The L Word feat. Jada (12” Version)
13. Crazy P – My Love
14. No Regular Play – Serious Heat (Art Department Remix)
15. Martyn and Mike Slott – All Nights
16. Hercules & Love Affair – Step Up
17. Friendly Fires and Azari & III – Stay Here

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Moonphases #39 w/ Stefak

The sets, 11 January 2011

ye., Live from VLKV, Sofia

1. Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Club Cheval Remix)
2. T. Williams – People’s Choice
3. Addison Groove – Footcrab
4. The CB’s – The Finding (Doorly Garage Rub)
5. Breach – Fatherless
6. DVA – Natty
7. Deadboy – If U Want Me
8. Joe – Clap Trap
9. LV & Okmalumkoolkat – Zharp (Original Mix)
10. Joy Orbison – So Derobe
11. Braiden – The Alps
12. Wbeeza – Tru My Veins
13. Ill Blu – Dragon Pop
14. Lone – Once In A While (Sinden Mix)
15. Elgato – Tonight
16. Jacques Greene – The Look
17. Soundstream – Deeper Love
18. Ralph Sliwinski – Monster In My Pocket
19. Actress – Always Human
20. MANIK – Keep That Fresh


1. Jacques Greene – (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want
2. Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B (Original Mix)
3. Egyptrixx ft. Shyvonne – Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix)
4. Scuba – On Deck (FaltyDL Remix)
5. Shed – With Bag And Baggage
6. Anthony “Shake” Shakir – Psychotic Tango
7. Tripmastaz – Hottab (KiNK Remix)
8. Piece Of Shh – Diablo Riddim (Zomby’s Acid)
9. Maddslinky feat. Omar- Special (MJ Cole’s Back To The Future Remix)
10. FaltyDL – Party
11. Seven Wonders – Crazy (Original Version)
12. Hackman – More Than Ever
13. T. Williams feat. Terri Walker – Heartbeat (Mosca Remix)
14. M.I.A. – It Takes A Muscle (Pearson Sound Refix)
15. Zomby- The Forest
16. Burial – Unite
17. Clubroot – Birth Interlude
18. The XX – Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)
19. Maddslinky feat. Tawiah – Further Away (Original Mix)

Bio: The disease known as ‘electronic music’ infected the patient called StefaK back in 1995. Since then this disease passed through various phases and now can be declared chronic.
In 2004 together with a group of friends started the website and soon after that began organizing parties. Those parties took place in Sofia’s Lifehouse club and due to their success turned into series called “United In House”. In the beginning of 2006 alongside with Pafel and few bottles of “Menta” he started as joke a radioshow on the Burgas online “Radio Proval”. It didn’t take that long that that show was transformed into a Menta Session Podcast and respectively into blog. Recently StefaK started taking part in the monthly radio show led by The Bulgarian and Vlad Sokolov on From some time now he is also a A&R of Feta Recordings. His latest piece of work can be heard on Menta Session’s podcast catalog.

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Moonphases #38 w/ David Labeij

The sets, 14 December 2010:


1. Axel Boman – Purple Drank (Original Mix)
2. Agoria feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars – Speechless
3. Toby Tobias – Chick Chick
4. The Godson – Analog Love
5. Joy Orbison – BB
6. Instra:mental – Leave It All Behind
7. Art Department – Without You (Extended 12″ Mix)
8. Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Vox)
9. Jacques Greene – Tell Me
10. Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende
11. Bakey Ustl – A Tender Place
12. Kyle Hall – After Fall
13. Adonis – No Way Back (Greg Wilson Edit)
14. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window
15. Moodymann – It’s 2 Late 4 U and Me (Original Mix)

David Labeij

1. Steve Lischinsky & Khalil – Balmy Autumn Day
2. Peace Division – We Want You
3. Oliver Schleenvoight – Zwirbelturm (David Labeij remix)
4. Semafoor – At Night (Shibbstarr remix)
5. Rio Padice – Ghostwood
6. Christian Burkhardt -  Skala
7. Sage & Quaint – Baraqua
8. Mihai Popoviciu & Timidboy – Hum  Hum
9. Sammy & Andrea – Morella
10. Paul C. – Basstrap
11. Robert Babicz – Take It Deep
12. Baraso – That Girl (Mate U Remix)
13. Dualton – Baltimore 1999
14. Alex Magno – Gangsta


Bio: When David Labeij (1978) bought his first turntables in 1997, it soon came clear to him that this was what he should have been doing all along. Starting in a little attic somewhere in Amsterdam, this new found hobby soon turned into a lifetime passion. For two years he played a various range of styles, until in 1999 he discovered the new minimal techno sound that was emerging from Germany and so. This sound was exactly what he was waiting for. Playing small gigs here and there in Amsterdam for some time, when not long after the millennium a good friend (now his booker) gave him his first producing program.
Starting at home making his first loops opened up a whole new world for him, and making his own tracks became more and more serious over the next couple of years.

Things really started moving when in 2004 David hooked up with Laurens Lanting (dj/producer Lauhaus) in the studio for the first time. The guys knew each other from the house scene in Amsterdam and decided to try and make some music together. There was a huge click between the guys musically and socially and some time later they came up with a name for their new project, “Polder”.
During this time in Amsterdam djs / producers Shinedoe and 2000 and One were setting up there labels (Intacto – Remote Area) and when they heard the stuff from Polder they were blown away.
This resulted in the first releases in 2006 and not long after David’s first solo releases on Remote Area.
With his music finally out there the gigs came. Playing Clubs, festivals and parties like Panorama Bar Berlin, Fabric London, Goa Madrid, Vollt Amsterdam, Space Ibiza, Grunanlage Hamburg, Cocoon Frankfurt, Awakenings Amsterdam, Fuse London, and many, many more….

Now it is 2010 and with his dj sets and live sets he’s been rocking dancefloors all over Europe. Internationally known for his techno sounds as one half of Polder, his solo productions soar between hypnotic deep house and delicate techno, the same thing you can expect from his dj and live sets. Look out for his schedule on:

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Moonphases #37 w/ Dimitroff


1. Discodeine – Falkenberg (Pilooski Edit)
2. Venus – Lippstikk
3. Toby Tobias – Rock You Will + (Dub)
4. Challenge – Broken Clock
5. Discodeine – Singular feat. Matias Aguyao
6. The Oliverwho Factory – Nightlights
7. Superpitcher – Rabbits in a Hurry (Original Version)
8. Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City)
9. Michael Mayer – Amanda
10. Bubble Club – Lonely Acid
11. TBD – Okay, Cool
12. Jee Day – Like A Child
13. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Gavin Russom Remix)


1. Rainer Trueby – Ayers Rock
2. Body 2 Body – Let’s Get Intimate (Jamie’s Carnival mix)
3. Floating Points – Love Me Like This (Nosense Dub)
4. The Beatdown Soundmachine – Groove Is On My Mind (LTJ X-Perience Mix)
5. Eddie C – Make It Better
6. Nicolas Jaar – Come N Get It
7. Small World Disco Edits – You Know My Way
8. Today – I Got The Feeling (The Revenge New Jack Stack)
9. Bell Biv Devoe – Poison
10. Starsgarage – The Massage
11. Midnight Star – Midas Touch
12. Disco Deviance – Give Me The Sunshine (Social Disco Club Edit)
13. George McRae – I Get Lifted (Todd Terje Re-Edit)

Kamen Dimitrov, aka Dimitroff started as a DJ, when he and few of his friends decided to do underground parties around their city, which were very successful at that time. Then he started to play in small club called Deep Down where he was able to develop some of his skills as a DJ and his style of music. No long after, were his appearances in other clubs around his city. At the year of 2006 he teams with few of his friends from the promotional agency Adultempo and they started to do their own night at club Life House, called United In House. This was the year when he started to do his first music production steps under the moniker – Sliced Funk (myspace. com/slicedfunk), and after an year of beat making, he already had a track signed with one of the biggest US house labels – Om for a mix compilation done by DJ Mark Farina. He also has tracks signed and released digitally for labels like Kolour Recording, Black Crack, Shak Digital. Dimitroff is known for his diverse style of music, his sets go from deep, funky house to more tech-ier and dark rhythms, with an acid house flavor.

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Moonphases #36, The 3rd Anniversary Show

The third anniversary show. A 3 hour set spanning all the influences I gathered while making the show for the past 3 years. A very, very defining & special mix for me.



1. Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – Twilight (12″ Version)
2. 40 Thieves – Theme From Nutrider
3. Marcello Giordani – Respect Yourself (Dj Naughty Remix)
4. 40 Thieves feat. Qzen – Don’t Turn It Off
5. In Flagranti – A Little Something “Extra”
6. In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Original Mix)
7. Hercules & Love Affair – Blind
8. Bostro Pesopeo – Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
9. Aeroplane – Whispers (Hercules & Love Affair Mix)
10. Azari and III – Reckless (With Your Love) (Instrumental Mix)
11. Tensnake – Need Your Lovin’
12. Blitz – R.E.R.B (Original Mix)
13. Simon Baker – Plastik (Todd Terje Türkatech Remix)
14. Bot’Ox – Blue Steel (Azari and III Remix)
15. Mugwump – Die Nacht Ist Kühl
16. Vinyl – The Weasel
17. Miss Kittin and The Hacker – Frank Sinatra
18. Bot’Ox – Babylon By Car (Discodeine Remix)
19. Noze – Kitchen
20. Tama Sumo and Prosumer – Flow Figure
21. Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit)
22. Morgan Geist – Lullaby
23. KMFH – Dances With a Sun Goddess
24. Der Dritte Raum – Gerät Ausser Kontrolle
25. The Crystal Ark – The Tangible Presence of the Miraculous
26. Syclops – The Fly
27. Kevin Gorman – 7am Stepper
28. Pan Sonic – Hapatus (JG Wilkes Edit)
29. Ame – Fiori (Dixon Edit)
30. Roman Lindau – Keppra (Original Mix)
31. Dapayk and Padberg – Sugar (Pan Pot Remix)
32. Martyn – Miniluv (Original Mix)
33. Furesshu – 1993
34. Flying Lotus – Nose Art
35. Syclops – A Lovely Sunday

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